It all started from our desire to taste top quality burgers.

Influenced by New York’s food scene and embracing the open kitchen trend, our menu consists of delicious burgers and meat, a wide variety of salads and fries, as well as wraps that are prepared when the order is placed.


Our burgers are handmade, using 100% fresh beef, and prepared on a daily basis in our preparation area. Our fries are fresh, handmade and they are peeled and hand-cut every day in our kitchen. Our bread is also handmade, freshly baked every morning and you can choose either white, whole-wheat or brioche.

All sauces are fresh and made exclusively by us


What motivates us is the desire to make the best burgers in town. Our strategy is based on quality and it will never change!

What we have chosen to create has become a love object for our customers and our family is getting bigger day by day.