• We, the team of Brothers in Law, provide the main concept and its development
  • You, the Franchisees, provide the capital and put in the work
  • Together we will team up like Brothers

What we provide

  • Our brand name and the brand names of our products
  • A recognizable and very special design
  • Expertise in the selection of chosing the right spot for setting up the business
  • A Complete Training Program
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Specifications and operating procedures
  • Product and service quality specifications
  • Suppliers network
  • Managment and inventory control systems
  • Powerful Brand Communication

How to become a Brother Franchisee

  • You strongly wish to create and run a “Brothers in Law casual burger experience” business
  • You are determined to get actively involved in the business and, ideally, you have some kind of experience in the field
  • You are passionate about satisfying the customers and devoted to top quality services
  • You are prepared to fully commit yourself and offer a premium burger experience in a beautiful and cozy environment.

Franchise terms and agreements

  • Restaurant area of 100-150 m2, with 20m2 of additional auxiliary space and outdoor seating area of at least 20m2
  • €30.000 entry fee upon signing the contracts, in order to claim the right to use our brand name and know-how
  • Royalty rate is 2% on monthly net profits (on the first year of affiliation) and 4% on the following years, for the ongoing brand developments and for the support offered to your business
  • Marketing fee rate is 1% on monthly net profits (on the first year of affiliation) and 2% on the following years for a wide brand communication campaign of Brothers in Law
  • 10-year agreement with a renewal provision
  • Startup costs from € 150.000, all inclusive, meaning entry fees, construction costs, machinery and equipment, employee training and all the necessary expenses that need to be covered before the opening of the new business.

Franchise Options

  • Franchisee/Operator, owning 100% of the business
  • Operator with a minority shareholding in a company (30% minimum percentage) / franchisee is operating the business
  • Area Franchisee/Operator. The franchisee runs 2 or more spots at the same time.

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